The story?  One part Game of Thrones.  One part Shakespeare. One part tasty Whopper.

This is a solution for a Young Ones brief  asking us to create a Halloween stunt that would appeal to millennials.

In early October we will release a video revealing the existence of Burger King's long lost brother. This video will be the foundation of our campaign. 

Once the Tyrant King has taken over, he will make some  major Tyrant-y changes. 

First, Burger King's social media account will go completely dark. 

The Tyrant King will then release a new Jalapeno Whopper and Sandwich. 

Packaging will reflect the Tyrant King's distinct taste for darkness, and be lined with a message from the captured Burger King. 

Live video streams of the captured Burger King will be streamed  at drive-thrus as well as on social media. 

Employees will wear new uniforms, and because the new King demands absolute loyalty, a clock will chime on the hour saying, "All hail the Tyrant King." 

To fan the flames the Tyrant King will take to Twitter.

The tension in our narrative makes it perfect for social media. People will choose sides and declare their loyalties. Personally, I am team Tyrant.  

On Halloween, a live stream video of the King escaping​ will be caught on camera. A duel between the two Kings will go viral and the Burger King will triumphantly return to his throne, ending the Tyrant King's reign once and for all. 

Made with:

Animation,  concept and design were done with Kymberli Fraser

 The script was made with the help of Lars Ballard, and Danielle Ciccolo